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Three months on...

Friday, October 9, 2020
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Footfall has improved since circuit breaker in June. It's nowhere near pre-COVID levels but still it's better than none. Everyone is masked up except for those who are eating or having a coffee like me. The tables are now more widely spaced - which I'd always thought it should be that way. On the face of it, everyone seems to be getting used to the new normal.

It's good to see some activity in the malls. It implies that the office crowd is back and that in turn drives the F&B businesses. It keeps people employed and keeps the economy running.

Generally speaking, this crisis is somewhat different from the 2008 financial crisis.

In theory, some jobs should only be more directly impacted than others, particularly those in the travel and tourism sectors. And savings from non essential travel should technically allow businesses to sustain operating expenses and maintain headcount.

That said, as companies today have largely regional / global operations, and are significantly reliant on travel, the entire economy takes a hit. The lack of inter-city commute provides a good 'excuse' for many decision makers to withhold aggressive marketing and expansion plans, creating a further drag on revenues across the entire value chain.

I imagine that the uncertainty can be unnerving. For now, let's all sit tight and I'll check back again in another three months.

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