This is kenny NG.

Engineer. Banker. Investor. Thinker. Builder. Writer. Illustrator. Programmer. Troubleshooter. Light Bulb Fixer.

Consistently challenging conventional wisdom.


One of life's biggest ironies is that we usually don't end up working in what we study.

I was trained as an engineer in university. Contrary to most of my peers, the world of finance and banking didn't come to me as a graduation gift. I had to constantly challenge the conventional wisdom inherited from 'elders' and 'seniors' in order to get my way and justify my existence and relevance in a corporate finance role. In the last 15+ years, I am grateful to have the opportunity to leverage my knowledge from engineering, and synthesise this with my work in investment banking. [Read my cover letter from 2006

But the process of learning and acquiring knowledge does not stop at the point of graduation. It is something that should constantly be acquired even long after we leave school. Many personality traits and lifelong skills such as emotional intelligence, grit, discipline and how we approach problem solving are instilled and nurtured in those formative years.

Pursuing a STEM-based education.


I studied computer engineering in university with no prior background or knowledge in programming. The learning curve had been steep and I was consistently 'outdone' by my peers in school. After struggling through most parts of my 'freshmen' year, I decided to cast aside the pursuit for grades and take the subjects that really interest me: software engineering, computer networks, cybercrime and artificial intelligence.

My STEM-based education has played a significant part in how I look at the business and finance world. Logic, mathematical reasoning and problem solving are at the core of it. This became one of the more unique features that has enabled me to stand out from the rest of my accounting, finance (and of course engineering)-schooled peers.

Having the privilege of working alongside many senior professionals and business owners from the investment and banking landscape in Asia, I had also cultivated an extremely practical towards business valuation and financial modelling. As part of continuing my professional interests, I started this site to consolidate the learnings. You can find some of these here.

Day-to-day life.


I've been told that I sleep very little, travel too much and sometimes try to do too many things at the same time. I do not totally disagree. I also used to chronicle my personal struggles and journey here during my earlier corporate finance days. Nowadays, I try to write a bit more professionally.

[October 2020]