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First-look: quarantine free travel to Shenzhen

Finally and for the first-time, I took the high speed rail from Hong Kong into Shenzhen.

Going to the High Speed Rail interchange from Austin MTR in Hong Kong

Despite the lunar new year festive period, the station didn't seem as crowded as I remembered it pre-COVID.

Entry gates at the Kowloon West Station

I got my tickets online from, the official site of China Railway for all rail passes in China. I collected the hard copies from one of the counters the day before to avoid any long queues on the day itself.

Ticketing gantry

Once you pass through the gantry, numerous signboards will prompt you to fill up an online health and itinerary declaration form, which will generate a unique QR code for scanning at the border control points. While there are no swab or PCR tests at this point, you are required to obtain a negative PCR report within 48 hours before departure.

e-immigration control point

Queues form at the entry gates minutes before boarding

En route to the platform...

Entering the trains: To a certain extent, this feels similar to boarding the maglev in Shanghai.

The cabin is as clean as it gets.

and Arriving in Shenzhen Futian Station only just 15 minutes later...

The Shenzhen Futian High Speed Railway station

And that's it - this post is as short as the journey on the high speed rail.



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