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Tools for financial modelling and business valuation.

For reference only.

Topics on business valuation and discounted cash flow for the corporate layman.

Topics and spreadsheets relating to private equity transactions, modelling, fund formation and administration.

An extremely simplified calculator for deriving the weighted average cost of capital (WACC or discount rate) for any company based on publicly available datasets.

This illustrative spreadsheet provides a systematic step by step analysis on how to construct a proforma balance sheet in a corporate merger.

This spreadsheet provides an indicative guidance on how much money is required to fund the purchase of a private / public residential property in Singapore.

Perspectives and explanations for the corporate layman on leveraged finance and acquisitions

A compilation of all the most useful and important formulas that you need to know for use in financial modelling.

This simple calculator not only solves for the lowest possible equity outlay in a leveraged acquisition. But illustrates how you can do this in a step-by-step basis.

An extremely simplified template for determining if an acquisition will be accretive or dilutive.

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