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My oblivious friends...

Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Reaffirming point #36 in my forty takeaways last year:

Most of the people around me keep trying to tell me what's good for me or how I should use my money and resources without really wanting to listen to what I really want to do with them.

Their great plans are manifested in the monologue they have with me on whatsapp / wechat.

From these conversations, I can feel that they want me to 'agree' with them. Agreement means I nod, concur and tell them that what they say is correct. My points of view, my current circumstances are irrelevant.

They say never judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

So why should anyone impose what they think I should do just because it has worked for them, without truly being in my current position and going through what I have gone through? It's really absurd that these same people claim to have high EQ but they'd never really demonstrated empathy and asked me the simple question of: "What are your plans?" or "What do you want to do?"

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